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Dodał: Noktis (12-12-2010, 19:29)

Diablo 2 Xmas Mod

Diablo 2 xmas modW związku z nadchodzącymi świętami oraz zimowa porą, uruchomiliśmy na naszym serwerze nową krainę z zainstalowanym modem Xmas Season in Sanctuary. Mod ten wprowadza świąteczny klimat do gry więc będzie masa śniegu i choinek. Dyskusja na forum

W moda gramy na krainie o nazwie Diablo 2
Mod działa na patchu v1.12a
Moda można pobrać tutaj
Xmas Mod website:


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:: 03-07-2015, 19:27 :: ip: logged
Link to my profile is broke with a space after the first <a href="">chtacraer</a>, youtube didn't allowed me to post with a link :O. So the combo is: sweeping wind, obviously, jump in the middle with thunderclap, exploding palm, cyclone strike (pull), palm goes off and spreads, everyone explodes by chain reaction. On MP7 A3 Inf. Healing is by weapons only and using abilities. My health globe is literally always on max, standing in molten, plague and arcane at the same time. Dodge is really high by dex, still.

:: 03-07-2015, 10:53 :: ip: logged
You guys did great on Wednesday. I felt like we made a lot improvement as a group and crevoed a lot of ground. Two full instances and two most-of-the-way-to-the-end instances is nothing to sneeze at.We just need to keep helping you get new gear and keep practicing as a group. Hopefully we can have 8 people on for a while this coming Wednesday and run some old raid content again. The instances we did were good practice for some of the skills we'll be using. It was good practice for me tanking as well I haven't been doing enough of that lately.Speaking of gear, have you guys had a chance to start in on the daily quests in Hyjal at the Sanctuary of Malorne? It's a lot of daily quest grinding, but you can get some good 365 non-PVP gear there eventually. Anyway, catch you all next week.

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